Pat Hayden

Coaching Solutions

I feel really passionate about the benefits of coaching. As a senior manager I was fortunate to have had a number of sessions myself. Coaching helped me to cope with an ever increasing workload and helped me work out strategies to cope with this whilst still making time for the other things in life that I wanted to enjoy such as family, friends, holidays and health and fitness.  


I have worked with a variety of clients and I get a huge buzz from seeing how coaching can make such a difference to individual’s lives.


"I came to Pat feeling undervalued and dissatisfied with my job and she helped me establish what I could do to improve my current situation and what I might want to do in the future. With her help I was able to achieve a reduction in my working hours which I had been asking my managers for unsuccessfully for several months.  


She has a vast amount of knowledge and tools to help her clients look at the areas of their lives they are dissatisfied with and make positive changes. She is a sympathetic listener and it was easy to build a rapport and a good working relationship with her. She has also helped me feel more confident about my skills and abilities."





"In my experience Pat is someone who gives one hundred and ten percent. I was grateful for the kind and compassionate approach which she took, and I felt able to open up about everything. The trust and the rapport were established very quickly and remained throughout. I found working with Pat liberating and, at times, powerful.  She has a range of tools and techniques which she draws upon, and uses with accuracy. It is heartening to know she is there. A hugely supportive and understanding coach, with the right ethical perspective."





It was good to have the time to reflect, and your sessions enabled me to focus my thoughts and gave me ‘permission’ to think about what I really want in life and how best to manage a healthy work/life balance. Your approach is calm, controlled and non-judgemental, and I felt at ease talking to you even when (at times) the subject matter may have been difficult.”





“I was working 70 hours a week and feeling burnt out. Pat gave me the confidence to review my work life balance. I now spend more time with my family and still have a successful career.”





"I was feeling a bit lost and not quite knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Pat’s motivational approach has helped me to stop procrastinating and make decisions. I feel so much better about myself.”





“I had a poor appraisal at work. I knew that the team I was managing was not performing as well as they could. I was offered coaching and worked with Pat over several months. I was amazed at how coaching helped me to understand so quickly what was going wrong and Pat helped me gain the confidence to deal with some really sticky management issues. Although I had a supportive manager, coaching was beneficial in that I felt I had someone who had the time to really listen to me and help me move in the right direction. We recently had a restructure and I got the job I wanted. I don’t think that would have happened if I had not had coaching”



Here is what some of my clients have said following their coaching with me: