Pat Hayden

Coaching Solutions

Think of your life as a journey down a road. Coaching can help

  • you realise the path you are on

  • point out choices and help you take a new road

  • keep you on track

Whether you want to make changes to your life, career or business, coaching can help you create clarity and fresh perspectives  

Let me help you make these changes.

You can find out more about my approach to coaching on this website or ring me on 07904 791 729. 

  • Is work getting you down and you feel like you just can’t cope?

  • Are you facing major changes - like redundancy or retirement - and feeling anxious?

  • Are you a young adult, or the parent of a young adult who is struggling to decide what to do with their life?

  • Perhaps you are just stuck in a rut and want to do something else?

Then coaching could be the answer for you.

I specialise in business coaching, career coaching, and personal development training, taking a holistic approach to ensure a good work life balance.

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