Pat Hayden

Coaching Solutions

In the current economic climate more and more young people are struggling to find their way in life.  Are you one of them? Are you:

  • feeling frustrated that you have been unable to follow your chosen career path?

  • experiencing conflict with family members?

  • unable to leave home as you are not financially self-sufficient?

  • lacking confidence?

  • lacking motivation?

  • feeling stressed?

Young adults – feel free to call or text me on 07904 791 729 and we can have a chat

Parents – if you think I can help your son or daughter, please contact me on their behalf and I will talk you through my approach

Why might young adults need coaching?

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How can I help?

My coaching will provide you with the support and guidance you need to make the necessary changes in your life. I will help you to:

  • develop your self awareness

  • clarify your goals

  • make the best use of your skills and experience

  • improve your interview skills

  • increase your motivation

  • feel more confident about your career options

  • improve relationships with others